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Renaissance Metal Art
Bert Romans- Craftsman

Specializing in Sculpted Metal Design

Renaissance Metal Art was created by Bert Romans a Portland, Oregon artist and craftsman. Specializing in custom metal design he uses his artist blacksmith and welding fabrication skills to create contemporary and unique artwork. Renaissance Metal Art has become a resource to those looking to have high quality traditional and modern pieces created.

Having 30 years of work experience in welding, custom fabrication and machining, Bert has been able to take his skills and creativity to the next level. Working on projects such as motorcycle customization, automotive fabrication and metal sculptures, he has proven to be a master of the artistic medium of metal. This experience reflects in each piece and examples of past work can be seen throughout this website.

As a modern blacksmith Bert Romans offers high quality welding services along with custom metal fabrications. His products extend from forged and welded sculptures to handmade custom knives and tomahawks. Continuously looking to expand his knowledge and challenge himself, Bert can be contacted for all types of metal and welding projects. Renaissance Metal Art is a reflection of Bert’s experience and passion for blacksmithing and metal fabrication.

“I enjoy metal as an artistic medium. It is plastic, malleable, and can be worked into any shape. I like to see the transformation as I heat, hammer, twist and bend it. I want people to see the organic shapes I see in a piece of metal, instead of something angular and rigid. Curling and rounding, soften hard edges. Warm tones emerge through heat and chemical processes as each piece takes on a character of its own.

I try to avoid designs that stingy or ostentatious, rather I work to find simple elegance. The end result should be natural, pleasing to the eye, and be functional and unique. My ultimate goal is to create items that are the treasured antiques and heirlooms of tomorrow.” – Bert Romans

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